Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Parallax Knitting begins

It has occurred to me that I have so many more ideas for knitting projects than I will ever be able to complete that perhaps I should share them and others can carry them out if they feel so inclined.

One of the most pressing design challenges I have at the moment is how to make a throw blanket using every weird scrap of yarn I possess, but making it look good and be warm. I both want a throw and space for more yarn in my back closet. This may be a lost cause, but imagine how proud of myself I would be! I am contemplating the Catherine's wheel crochet stitch from Teva Durham's, Loop-d-Loop Crochet, if I made it on a big enough hook could it be made of different weights of yarn and still be right?


Anonymous said...

I once saw a beautiful afghan made from leftover yarn that was crocheted in a scallop pattern. The colours and textures were appealing and it was great to lie under too!

Tamara Farrar said...

I once contemplated a sweater from the same odd scraps and found that it worked best if I took everything in a big pile, decided what the heaviest weight I'd include was, and then paired the lighter weights to use as a double-strand while working them. It's so ugly it's pretty, in that "Yoda is cute" sense :)